About RenoMax

RenoMax proudly leads the way as the nation's top choice for home sellers seeking a hassle-free, pay-at-closing home improvement solution. Our commitment is to help sellers achieve a quick and highly profitable sale. With RenoMax, we offer a white-glove service that lets you upgrade your home right away and settle the bill when your home sells.

What sets RenoMax apart from traditional contractors is our unwavering focus on upgrades that boost your profits, expedited readiness for the market, and a five-star customer experience. This approach has consistently delivered impressive results, including an average 28% boost in sale prices and projects completed 50% faster.

Provide homeowners with the flexibility to make pre-listing updates

We provide a fair and consistent pricing structure, coupled with an extraordinary home-selling experience that includes design consultations and financing options.

No hidden fees or costs

With RenoMax, 100% of the project cost is postponed until your home is successfully sold. There are no initial deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks to worry about. This removes any concerns related to cash flow and accelerates the process, allowing RenoMax to commence work immediately after the contract is signed.

The way RenoMax operates mirrors that of a typical general contractor, and homeowners retain all the profits from the sale of their home, without exception.

RenoMax offers straightforward, fixed-price proposals that are designed for easy comprehension and meet the transparency standards that consumers expect.

Rest assured, your clients will never encounter unexpected up-charges or additional fees. The project’s price remains consistent, unaffected by any rises in material and labor costs.

Project Management: At RenoMax, we take the hassle out of home improvement by assigning a dedicated Project Manager to agents and their sellers. Your Project Manager, a full-time RenoMax team member, is your go-to person for overseeing every project detail. They keep you informed with regular text and photo updates through the RenoMax app, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Materials: We offer a thoughtfully curated selection of materials tailored to what buyers desire. Choosing materials for your project is a breeze, and you can conveniently make selections within the app.

But our service doesn’t end there. RenoMax handles all aspects of material sourcing and deliveries for pre-listing projects. You can rest easy, knowing you won’t have to concern yourself with supply chain challenges, price fluctuations, or the need to be physically present for deliveries.

Permitting: In some cases, your RenoMax project may require a permit to complete the work. RenoMax simplifies this process by managing the entire permit application procedure in accordance with your city’s requirements, taking the hassle out of obtaining permits.

With RenoMax, the full project cost is deferred until your home successfully sells, without any upfront deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. This approach eliminates any worries about cash flow and expedites the process, enabling RenoMax to commence work immediately after the contract is signed.

RenoMax operates on the same financial model as a traditional general contractor, ensuring that homeowners retain the entirety of the profit from the sale of their home, without exceptions.

Consider us your trusted home improvement partner.

Our pricing is both consistent and equitable, aligning with national standards. However, the experience we provide is anything but ordinary, encompassing everything from personalized design consultations to flexible financing options.

Dedicated to Realtors® (and Their Clients)

RenoMax was established to assist real estate agents in enhancing their clients’ homes for quicker sales at the best possible prices. While we excel in pre-listing home improvement, we understand that pricing real estate and representing sellers in transactions is the domain of the experts!

The process of finding, vetting, managing, and coordinating trades can be time-consuming and isn’t typically what agents signed up for. With RenoMax, agents save an average of 40 hours managing projects, thanks to your dedicated RenoMax Project Manager who takes care of everything!

Our entire team is eager to assist you with any pre-listing improvements you require to prepare for the market, regardless of the project’s scale! Whether you’re seeking an estimate for a listing you’ve secured or preparing for a listing presentation to win the listing, RenoMax estimates are complimentary and come with no obligations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our entire team is eager to hear from you regarding any pre-listing improvements you require to prepare for the market, regardless of the project’s size! Whether you’ve already secured a listing and need an estimate or are gearing up for a listing presentation to win the listing, rest assured that RenoMax estimates are complimentary and come with no obligations. We’re here to assist you!

To guarantee that we only collaborate with top-tier subcontractors, we insist on all trades being licensed, insured, and subject to a rigorous vetting process. Your dedicated Project Manager will handle and supervise all trade activities and project completion.

Subcontractors play a pivotal role in our success and genuinely enjoy working with RenoMax. You can have peace of mind knowing that RenoMax typically pays its subcontractors within 7 business days, making us one of the speediest payers in the country.

Our collaborative approach involves close cooperation with both the real estate agent and homeowner to grasp the objectives of the sale. Whether it’s a minor touch-up project or a renovation aimed at maximizing profits, we combine the agent’s insights with our expertise in pre-listing updates to pinpoint improvements that enhance property value, draw in more prospective buyers, decrease the time on the market, and optimize return on investment.

Numerous real estate agents can recount the frustrating experience of dealing with a contractor who simply disappeared. RenoMax, being a national company, places just as much emphasis on its reputation and client contentment as you do on yours.

Your Project Manager will maintain constant communication with you, sharing everything from photos of completed tasks to permit updates and scheduling checkpoints. In case queries arise, both the real estate agent and homeowner have the convenience of sending messages directly to your Project Manager, at any time and from anywhere.

An effortless and stress-free experience from beginning to end

Our seasoned team operates with a clear objective: to guide you swiftly to the closing table, ensuring a worry-free process.

Home Improvement Consultants (HICs)

Your initial contact at RenoMax will be a Home Improvement Consultant (HIC). Our HICs collaborate with Realtors® and their clients to offer cost-free estimates for projects of varying sizes. Following this, you’ll collaborate to refine the project’s scope, and they will present a swift and dependable fixed-price proposal.

If you seek further guidance, our HICs are here to assist! Comprised primarily of former real estate agents, the HIC team possesses a profound understanding of the updates that can expedite a home sale and boost its selling price.

Your dedicated Project Manager is not just a point of contact but also your invaluable partner, efficiently handling and executing your pre-listing projects.

Our Project Managers are full-time RenoMax professionals, boasting insider knowledge of the market and an average of 12-15 years’ hands-on experience in residential home improvement project management.

Your RenoMax Project Manager assumes responsibility for every aspect, including:

  • Ordering materials and coordinating subcontractors
  • Supervising all trades and project work
  • Obtaining permits
  • Managing walkthroughs, approvals, and final punch-list reviews
  • Maintaining the project timeline and facilitating communication

Your Project Manager ensures your projects stay on track by providing frequent text and visual updates and guaranteeing they are completed punctually and to the highest standards, allowing you to navigate each transaction smoothly.

Our in-house Design Team combines industry expertise with insights gleaned from thousands of projects to meticulously choose every fixture and finish. We collaborate closely with our national vendors to pick materials that are readily available and can be shipped promptly, significantly reducing project timelines. Selecting materials is a breeze with our handpicked catalog accessible through the RenoMax app.

For more extensive projects that encompass whole-home renovations, additions, and alterations to floor plans, the RenoMax Design Team also offers renderings, providing a clear visual representation of the envisioned changes.

RenoMax serves as the licensed and insured General Contractor for every project we undertake. We have a stringent policy of exclusively collaborating with licensed and insured subcontractors and skilled tradespeople. Every contractor and tradesperson is subjected to a rigorous vetting process and comprehensive training by RenoMax to ensure professionalism and top-notch quality.

Our philosophy is that real estate agents and homeowners should be free from concerns regarding subcontractor vetting and the timeliness and quality of work completion. Subcontractors are pivotal to the success of your project and are, in many respects, treated as our valued partners. RenoMax boasts one of the swiftest subcontractor payment processes in the country, typically settling payments with subs within an average of 7 business days. Additionally, we offer an option for same-day payment upon the completion of their work with us.

An up-to-date, stress-free home improvement journey.

Our technology-driven approach injects much-needed transparency into an often sluggish and antiquated industry, while also optimizing every project from inception to completion.

Fast, Same-Day Estimates

For agents looking to kick off the process, you can initiate by requesting a free estimate through our website or app, whether it’s for an existing listing or one you’re vying to secure. A Home Improvement Consultant (HIC) will reach out within 24 hours to gather additional details about the required work and furnish you with a preliminary estimate and timeline.

Thanks to the wealth of projects we’ve handled and our standardized pricing, our initial estimates are remarkably precise and dependable, enabling agents to approach every client discussion well-prepared.

To delve further into the process, you can explore the details after receiving your preliminary estimate.

In simple terms, we prioritize the use of top-notch materials that resonate with today’s home buyers, resulting in swift and more profitable home sales. At RenoMax, our adept team of design professionals continually assembles a catalog featuring the most sought-after and up-to-date home improvement materials. This catalog comprises sets of materials that cater to homes with diverse price ranges and regional design preferences, all without compromising on quality and broad appeal.

The curated catalog, coupled with the RenoMax app, offers an effortless way for both agents and homeowners to swiftly make material selections from the comfort of their own homes, saving hours that might otherwise be spent perusing samples at stores like Home Depot. Rest assured, the chosen materials are guaranteed to enhance the listing’s value and are readily available without delays.

The days of uncertain deadlines, time-consuming supply store visits, on-site quality checks, and endless phone tag are a thing of the past. We harness modern technology to provide you with comprehensive insight into every facet of your projects, accessible at any time and from any location.

Your dedicated RenoMax Project Manager will ensure you stay informed at every project stage through the RenoMax app. Expect to receive frequent text, photo, and video updates that you can easily access from any device.

At RenoMax, our commitment is unwavering when it comes to maintaining constant communication and ensuring you’re well-informed! While your Project Manager will provide regular updates through the RenoMax app, our communication doesn’t end there.

Feel free to ask questions, provide comments, or share updates directly within the RenoMax app – it’s as straightforward as sending a text message.

Established in 2023 by Greg Bennett, the company embarked on a mission to revolutionize the process of preparing homes for occupancy with its efficient, metro Atlanta driven approach to home improvement.

RenoMax offers a comprehensive turnkey solution, handling all aspects of material sourcing, project management, and communication while serving as the licensed and insured general contractor for all projects. RenoMax makes home improvement accessible and hassle-free, facilitating growth for every real estate agent and contractor and enabling every seller to unlock the full potential of their property.

Whether it’s simple updates or complete renovations, RenoMax ensures that every listing hits the market rapidly and fetches top value.

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