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RenoMax will handle any necessary work to prepare a home for the market and ensure it's move-in ready. You can discover more about our services by exploring the details below!

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Staging plays a crucial role in making a home sell quickly and at a favorable price. It enhances the visual appeal of the property, both in listing photos and during open houses. Furthermore, professional staging creates an emotional connection with potential buyers, allowing them to see the home’s true potential. Our staging services ensure that homes attract a broad range of potential buyers, leading to faster sales and higher prices.

Indeed, every home benefits from some updates before hitting the market to maximize its appeal and fetch the best possible price. Among the most common and effective updates are giving the home a fresh coat of paint, refreshing the flooring, and making lighting and hardware swaps. These straightforward yet impactful changes significantly enhance a property’s desirability, attracting a wide range of potential buyers and increasing its chances of selling at a higher price.

A complete remodel may not always be necessary, but it’s a great option for tired listings. RealtorsĀ® partner with RenoMax to determine whether a pre-listing refresh or remodel is the right choice to achieve listing and home sale goals.

Pre-listing home refreshes are a cost-effective approach to make homes more appealing to modern homebuyers, which can help them sell faster and at a higher price. While not every home needs a full remodel, minor home improvement projects or cosmetic updates can make a significant difference in attracting buyers looking for move-in-ready homes. Real estate agents often recommend these pre-listing refreshes to sellers to enhance their properties’ market appeal.

The first priority for all agents and their sellers when preparing a home for sale should be addressing deferred maintenance. There are various issues that a homeowner might be willing to overlook, but these can raise red flags for potential buyers, deterring them from making an offer.

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